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JackerJig for Yamaha VStar Cruisers


Finally a solution for lifting our Yamaha Cruisers.  We have all seen and experienced the problem of trying to use a standard Motorcycle Jack to lift our Yamaha Cruisers. 


The shape of the lower frame combined with the Engine Case extending below the frame, makes using a Motorcycle Jack a risky proposition at a minimum.  When using a Jack alone the bike is not stable or solid when trying to lift.  I know some of us have tried "wedging" in blocks of wood or other materials in an attempt to stabilize our bikes while on the Jack.  Although helping the condition, that option was far from being safe and secure.


Knowing that my wife would kill me if her Bike ever fell off the jack while I was servicing it, I had to come up with a better option.  That's when we developed the JackerJig. 


We make our JackerJigs from 11 gauge steel tubing and Mig Weld everything in a Jig to ensure a consistent result.  We then apply a durable finish on them to protect from the oils and fluids that will inevitably be spilled on them.  All the frame contact points are covered with a protective piece of rubber.


JackerJigs are Bike Model specific.  They are custom fit to contact the frame in the best location to provide a solid stable platform to lift the bike.


New Improvements for 2015:  The VStar JackerJigs have been improved!  We have listened to the feedback from our customers and made some improvements to our JackerJigs.  We have narrowed them by 1/2" to better fit the runners on a larger variety of motorcycle Jacks being used while still contacting the same frame points.  We have also increased the overall length of the Jigs.  This was done to aide when placing the Bike/Jig onto a stationary stand after lifting.  The Jigs will also be powder coated to better withstand the different fluids they may be exposed to.





JackerJig for VStars


Currently JackerJigs are available for the VStar 950, VStar 1300 and VStar 650 Cruisers




V Star JackerJig Video





JackerJig I for VStar950 & VStar1300

$160.00 U.S. + Shipping

JackerJig II for VStar 650

$156.00 U.S. + Shipping


Due to the size and weight of the JackerJig, I am unable to include the Shipping costs in the price.  If you would like to purchase a JackerJig, please send an email HERE.  Please include your Name,  Address,  Phone Number and Bike Model in the email.  We will then send you an Invoice from Paypal that will show the JackerJig price and the shipping cost.  Once we receive payment your JackerJig will be shipped using either FedEx or UPS.  If we do not have inventory to ship, we will reply to your email giving an estimated ship date before we send an invoice for payment.

(Typical Shipping costs are usually less than $18 for the lower 48)


You do not need to have a PayPal account to process your order.


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